[Smwg] RE: Teleconference notes, 10 February 2015

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Thanks for the clarifications. I have included them in an update of the notes which I have posted to the CWE.

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I have two comments on the meeting notes:

1.       Item 4 (b): "a distinction noted between (future) messages and persistent data objects". That was part of my point but not the main point that I was trying to make. The main point was that I questioned whether the Service Package Execution Event Notification should be considered an Information Entity, if our concept of Info Entity includes a notion of persistence. We certainly want to have something like a Service Package Execution Event Notification, but I think that it is more properly categorized as an automation service message/operation like Replace Service Package, Delete Service Package, Service Package Cancelled, Service Package Modified, etc.

2.       Item 6(b): "preliminary results indicate that a service component model is needed but that the "cookie-cutter" set of configuration profiles still seems like a good approach for the configuration profile/service agreement book". I'm pretty sure that what I said/agreed with was that I haven't come across anything yet that invalidates the cookie cutter approach, and that I certainly believe that it is a feasible approach. To the extent that "feasible" qualifies as "good" then the statement is valid, but the analysis is still forthcoming as to whether it is the *better* approach compared to the bottom-up approach.

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Subject: [Smwg] Teleconference notes, 10 February 2015

CSSM Colleagues,

Attached are the notes from the teleconference on 10 February 2015. Corrections appreciated.  The notes have also been uploaded to the teleconference folder on CWE.

Our next telecon is scheduled for 23 February 2015.

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