[Smwg] Simple Schedule - Updates after 9th December telecon.

Marcin.Gnat at dlr.de Marcin.Gnat at dlr.de
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Dear All,

I'm already on my Christmas vacation, but after Christmas (and before New Year - still in vacation) I will find some time to produce the SOS overview figure. I have it on my "out of office to do list, things I always wanted to finish, but my daily work crushed over me" :-)

Marry Christmas / Happy Holidays to All!

Best Regards
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Dear all,
                  please find below links to the updates of the Simple
Schedule book after the 9th December Telecon. This takes into account the
Provider-CSSS v Network issues, I'm not completely convinced that this add
clarity to the document but its done, John I'd be grateful if you could
sanity check those updates. I've also reworked Martins Antenna Free Time
section a bit to bring it in line with some of the other changes. Martin
could you please check that I haven't confused the issue.

The model has also been reworked after some iterations between Erik, John,
Anthony and myself, and we now have standard SrvMgtInfoEnity, SrvMgtHeader
and SrvMgtData
classes (the UML representation is interesting but I've discussed it with
Anthony and another UML guru and apparently that's how it should be...)

Note the following RIDs (either wholly or in parts) have still to be

CSSM-047 - Inconsistency in parameter ordering needs to be applied to Annex C
(XML Schema)(will be addressed as part of schema update).
CSSM-050 - Alignment of files, awaiting input from JPC on test coverage
CSSM-058 - Versioning of XML schema (will be addressed as part of schema
CSSM-059 - Example time (will be addressed as part of schema update).

Also the overall diagram to show SOS in context to other CSSM recommendation
is still pending (addresses multiple RID resolutions) (existing action for M.

links are



Merry Christmas & A Happy New year to one and all

Cheers for now,



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