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For your information and reaction as required.


Gian Paolo

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From:   Margherita di Giulio/esoc/ESA
To:     "Moury Gilles" <Gilles.Moury at cnes.fr>, Gian Paolo 
Calzolari/esoc/ESA at ESA
Date:   19-10-18 09:35
Subject:        Tables for CESG Report

Dear Gippo and Gilles,
please find attached the excel tables to be used for the CESG Report. They 
are the same tables as in previous years. Please forward them to the WG 
Chairs, as needed. 
Notice that those table are only   "templates" -  i.e. their content 
is/may be not up to date.

In general the whole Report shall have the same structure as in previous 
Kind regards,

Margherita di Giulio

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