[Sls-slp] LFSR OID frame RIDs affecting USLP, TM, AOS SDLPs

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Victor, if you want to push in this direction, the decision shall be agreed with the other two WGs that make much wider use of those diagrams.
Gian Paolo

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> On 21. May 2021, at 17:57, Sank, Victor J.(GSFC-567.0)[SCIENCE SYSTEMS AND APPLICATIONS INC] via SLS-SLP <sls-slp at mailman.ccsds.org> wrote:
> In order to make some attempt to standardize the LFSRs and their associated polynomial  in CCSDS, I would suggest that we use a standard for cell labeling that makes a simple association with the polynomial as in MatLab.  If you don’t like the MatLab convention, pick something and lets make it a standard for the NASA documents.  Eventually maybe we can get CCSDS to accept the standard.  
>               They are a standards organization aren’t they?
> Victor
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> Subject: LFSR OID frame RIDs affecting USLP, TM, AOS SDLPs
> Hi Ken,
> The SLP WG decided to put both of your diagrams into a new non-normative annex in USLP, TM, and AOS.
> The text in the normative part of the link layer books will state:
> The TFDZ of an OID Transfer Frame shall be generated by use of a 32-cell Linear Feedback Shift Register (LFSR) with polynomial 1 + D + D2 + D22 +D32, see Annex X.
> Where Annex X is TBD and will be added by me to the document.
> We have some questions and requests for you:
> Why does the initialization data differ from one figure to the other one? 
> The ‘1’ in the figures are misleading to some WG members, please replace ‘1’ with D sub zero i.e., D0 in the figures.
> Consensus of WG was to specify the initialization vector in both of the diagrams
> New Info:
> Do you concur with these changes ?
> If so, the SLP WG will wait for your modifications to those diagrams and thereafter I will insert them into the AOS, USLP, and TM pink sheets.
> When might we receive them ?
> Best regards,
> Greg
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