[Sls-slp] Results of Joint C&S/SLP WG Telecon on Dec 5 2019

Kazz, Greg J (US 312B) greg.j.kazz at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Dec 5 17:22:27 UTC 2019

Dear SLP WG,

SLP WG and the C&S WG held a joint telecon today regarding the three issues listed below (taken from Massimo Bertinelli’s email):

- 1) introduction of OID random pattern
- 2) possible alignment of terminology in the TC books regarding retransmission
- 3) additionally, SLP would like to discuss adding USLP to the TC coding book and assessing its impact (other books are mentioned in the presentation, but agreement on these ones has already been reached)

Massimo will provide a short summary of the telecon minutes which I will share with you all, once I have received them.

From the perspective of impact on the SLP WG, here are the take aways:

Concerning Item 1 above, SLP WG recommended that a mandatory OID random pattern be added as a proposal for pink sheets to agency review. Further details on the way forward will come from the C&S WG.

Concerning Item 2 above, no area consensus achieved on changing the term, “systematic retransmission” in the associated SLP WG blue book. Therefore that term will remain unchanged. However, in the proposal, the clarifications to the types of telecommand frames used e.g., AD vs BC vs BD frames did achieve consensus within the SLP WG, so those changes will go forward. The revised word document containing those changes have been posted to the CWE at https://tinyurl.com/sbdeh3w with the date, Dec 5 in the filename.

Concerning Item 3 above, an action was taken by Matt Cosby and Greg Kazz to confirm with Wallace Tai about the actual CCSDS agency need for the use of USLP over the CCSDS 231.0 TC Sync & Channel Coding specification. As pointed out during the telecon the CCSDS 732.1 USLP BB defines an interface to 231.0.

Best regards,

Greg Kazz
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Technical Group Supervisor,
Project Software and End-to-End Information Systems Engineering (312B)
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
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