[Sls-slp] Please Review draft pink sheets to Proximity-1 Space Data Link Protocol

Gian.Paolo.Calzolari at esa.int Gian.Paolo.Calzolari at esa.int
Wed Jun 21 07:43:39 UTC 2017

        the approach of some proposed modifications seems to be extending 
the Frame Sublayer  of Proximity-1 to be able to generate USLP Frames.
This may (might?) introduce some conflicts for over specification and an 
alternative approach may be introducing informative changes that the Frame 
Sublayer  of Proximity-1 may be replaced by the USLP Space Data Link 
Protocol as specified in the USLP Blue Book.
I think this could be managed with a Corrigendum (most likely Technical 
and not simply Editorial) once USLP is published.

The WG (and Tom) may explore this alternative approach.


Gian Paolo

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Subject:        [Sls-slp] Please Review draft pink sheets to Proximity-1 
Space Data Link Protocol
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Dear SLP WG,
There will be a need to slightly modify the CCSDS Proximity-1 Space Data 
Link Protocol (CCSDS 211.0-B-5) dated Dec 2013, in order to accommodate 
the use of the Version-4 Transfer Frame (defined in USLP) over the 
proximity link. 
These changes involve the optional use of the Version-4 (USLP) Transfer 
Frame format over the proximity link.
Please review my draft changes to the Prox-1 Space Data Link Protocol Blue 
Book (which you can now find on the CWE at the URL below) and send me your 
comments and any additional updates you feel are required that I may have 
My goal is to incorporate any comments or changes you may have into the 
next version, that we need to discuss at the Fall 2017 meeting in the 
Hague, so that we can come to consensus there on the actual Pink sheets to 
be send to agency review directly thereafter.
Please note that we have already discussed and have agreement with the C&S 
WG concerning the set of pink sheets to the Proximity-1 Coding & 
Synchronization Sublayer Blue Book (CCSDS 211.2-B-2) which allows the 
Version-4 frame in the C&S sublayer.
Best regards,
Greg Kazz
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