[Sls-slp] A finer clarification about point 1 in the minutes of Telecon 4 in RED

Kazz, Greg J (312B) greg.j.kazz at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Mar 9 23:34:40 UTC 2016

   We discussed the new MAP_PDU Service. Perhaps a better name for this service would be MAP_UPDU for upper layer PDU. It allows for the transfer of CCSDS recognized PDUs to be transferred across the USLP Space Data Link. These PDUs are defined in SANA already. Should USLP allow only PDUs that contain a defined length field or should USLP also allow PDUs that do not have a defined length field such as DTN Bundles and LTP Segments (within the spanning rules “000”)?.  This capability can be transmitted using rule “001” or MAP-ACCESS Service.  After this meeting, I have asked Keith Scott, the SIS Area Director for guidance. He will meet with SLP in Cleveland to discuss options for this. For these types of PDUs the user must chain from one field to the next to sum up the length in order to delimit that kind of PDU. GPC questioned the usefulness of allowing these types of PDUs needing extensive operations for data extraction that could impact performance. For these types of PDUs the encapsulation service remains a user option . Therefore USLP requires that PDUs transferred by this service using rule “000” must be self-delimiting, and have a USLP Protocol ID (UPID) registered by SANA. How the length of the PDU is passed to the USLP API is the subject of Keith Scott’s future discussion at the Cleveland meeting.

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