[Sls-slp] [SANA #16645] New and Modified SANA Registries for USLP

Space Assigned Numbers Authority info at sanaregistry.org
Mon Jun 20 15:32:29 UTC 2016


We have updated the Space Link Identifiers registry to fix the incorrect names of registries.

We have made the updates described in the attachment in our staging/testing area. Since there are
lots of modifications in other registries depending on the publication of the book (esp. SCID
registry), we will move them on the production website once the book has been approved for
publication. Thus, all URLs below are only for internal review/testing and should not be used
anywhere public.

That being said:

The two new USLP registries are available:

We have added the abbreviation and term to the glossary:

The MAP id registry has been modified to add a note for the constrained value:

The SCID registry also include the Version 4 definition in its notes:

USLP version number has been added to the TFVN registry:

References to the 2 new USLP protocol id registries have been added in the Space Link id registry:

Finally, USLP has been added to the VCID registry:

Please review the changes and make sure everything is correct.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Audric Schiltknecht
Space Assigned Numbers Authority

Le 2016-06-17 à 16:52, Kazz, Greg J (312B) a écrit :
> Dear SANA,
> Given that the recently published SANA yellow book requires that the process of creating and
> modifying SANA registries needs to be started before the USLP Red book can be approved, I am
> providing a preliminary list of new and modified SANA registries as a result of the USLP Blue book
> project in SLS-SLP WG.
> Please review the attachment and let me and the SLP WG know if you have any issues or concerns
> regarding this request.
> Tom,
> I would like to move the content of the attachment into Annex C: Security, SANA, and Patent
> Considerations, Section C3 – SANA Considerations
> to address the SANA considerations. Is that OK ?
> Thanks!
> Greg

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