[Sls-slp] [SLS] Are your documents using the term GSCID?

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Based upon my search, this is what I found:

SLP WG Documents that use MCID:

1.     CCSDS 132.0-B-2 (TM Space Data Link Protocol)


3.     CCSDS 130.2-G-3 (Space Data Link Protocols)

4.     CCSDS 133.0-B-1 (Space Packet Protocol)

5.     CCSDS 232.0-B-3 (TC Space Data Link Protocol)

6.     CCSDS 732.0-B-3 (AOS Space Data Link Protocol)

7.     Emerging USLP Blue Book and Green Book

The only CCSDS document that I could find that contains the term, GSCID is:
CCSDS 320.0-B-6 Cor. 1 : CCSDS Global Spacecraft Identifier Field:Code Assignment Control Procedures.



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Dear All,
        there is an ongoing update for CCSDS 320.0-B-6  CCSDS Global Spacecraft Identification Field Code Assignment Control Procedures. Blue Book. Issue 6. October 2013.
That document defines the acronym GSCID corresponding to the term "Global  Spacecraft  Identifier" being the concatenation  of  the  2-bit  Version  Number  (VN) and the SCID.
To be able to allocate more values, the update of CCSDS 320.0-B-6 would link the assigned value to the Frequency Band actually used by the spacecraft.
A possible consequence is that the use of the tern GSCID will be discouraged/deprecated for future use.

Note that some SLP documents (*) define that "The concatenation of a TFVN and a SCID is known as a Master Channel Identifier (MCID),"
With TFVN (transfer Frame Version Number) being actually the same of the VN mentioned in CCSDS 320.0-B-6
(*) CCSDS 132.0-B-2,  , CCSDS 232.0-B-3, CCSDS 732.0-B-3. Moreover MCID is mentioned in CCSDS 133.0-B-1

Just to evaluate the possible impact that updating CCSDS 320.0-B-6 could have on SLS documents, could you ALL please check and report if any document of your Working Group is using the term GSCID or the term MCID?

Thank you and best regards

Gian Paolo

PS The only effect I can dream about right now, is adding a note in those document to inform that the MCID is called GSCID in CCSDS 320.0-B-6......

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