[Sls-slp] CCSDS definition of Protocol IDs

Scott, Keith L. kscott at mitre.org
Fri Feb 5 14:39:14 UTC 2016

Is there a reason people don’t like:

TFDZ: 3 bits
Reserved: 5 bits
ProtoID: 8 bits
First Header pointer: 16 bits


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Subject: RE: [Sls-slp] CCSDS definition of Protocol IDs

I think you raised an important point: compactness vs. processing complexity. I think that however we should see this trade-off looking at the entire Transfer frame data field header, which contains the protocol field (s). At the moment it is 32-bit aligned (TFDZ:3 bits, ProtoID: 5 bits, Extended ProtoID: 8 bits, first header pointer: 16 bits) for a total of 32 bits, which is something always desirable. If we reduce the protocol IDs from a total of 13 down to 8, the header becomes of 27 bits. If we reduce from 13 to 6, it becomes 25 bits.
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