[Sls-slp] Consistent definition of Transfer Frame in CCSDS Link Layer books

Kazz, Greg J (312G) greg.j.kazz at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Oct 8 17:27:32 UTC 2014


During a review of terms in SANA, a terminology issue has come up that our Area Director would like us to address at the upcoming SLP meeting in London concerning the consistent definition of “Transfer Frame” in the TM , AOS, and TC Blue Books.

Below is Gian Paolo’s concerns (deliniated by lines):
The definition from 130-2-G is fairly similar to the one from 231.0.
The definition of Transfer Frame in 130-2-G is “ Transfer Frames: : Protocol Data Units of the Space Data Link Protocols”.
Should/can we try doing anything to harmonize them in the other related documents?

I think that the definition from 200.0 should rather be "TC transfer frame".
As reported now in SANA is wrong (or partial).
Can we fix it either in 200.0 or in SANA?

For TC Transfer Frame definition from 230.0 I have no problem.

Should/do the TM and AOS  books contain the terms "TM Transfer Frame"/"AOS Transfer Frame"?
As those books are under review, so we may fix the issue if needed.

Should/does  232.0 contain the terms "TC Transfer Frame"?
As this book is under review, so we may fix the issue if needed e.g. importing the definition from 231.0.
I will create an agenda item for the Fall 2014 London meeting to address these issues.


Greg Kazz
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