[Sls-slp] Action Item from CMC to SLP WG

Gian.Paolo.Calzolari at esa.int Gian.Paolo.Calzolari at esa.int
Mon Dec 22 13:24:30 UTC 2014

        clearly I do agree that the 31 December deadline is simply 
impossible and we should work this out in 2015 to finalize it before 
Spring 2015 Meetings in Pasadena.
I think there are other two options to be explored.
1) checking with Agencies usage of "TEST SCID". I know some agencies liked 
to have for a spacecraft also a different ID to be used while testing on 
ground. As those SCID's are never flying, they might be reused too. 
Clearly this would need asking back either to CMC Delegates or (better?) 
to the SCID Representatives listed here 
2) Determining an "escape ID"  [e.g. SCID = 0 Hex or another value] that 
could be interpreted as a value to be detailed somewhere else e.g. in the 
secondary header or in some spare field, Clearly this should be an extreme 

BTW, the list is at 


Gian Paolo

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Dear SLP members,

I have received the following action item from the CCSDS today:

Date:        24/11/2014 20:23 
Subject:        SLP-WG Action Item from London 

Below is the action item assigned to the SLP WG. Let me know if you want 
to send to Greg or if you want me to send to Greg directly. 
The SLP WG is requested to do an analysis and create procedures (if 
applicable) for assigning SCIDs to multiple spacecraft (this is needed for 
V1 and V2 but most critical for V2). Provide recommendations to the 
Secretariat for forwarding to the CMC and SANA Steering Group. 
Action: SLP WG 
Due Date: 31 December 2014 
Status: Open
Obviously, we cannot nor do we need to meet the 31 Dec 2014 deadline. It 
is negotiable with the CMC.
However, I want to bring this A.I. to your attention and explain it?s 
The main reason for this A.I. was a warning provided by SANA to the CMC 
after the London meeting that Version 2 SCIDs (AOS) may very well be 
exhausted within 6 months time. The number of "available ? V2 SCIDs is 
approx. 13%. The number of V1 SCIDs ?available? meaning capable of being 
assigned is approx 27%. So the motivation is clear. 

What needs to be done? CMC wants a recommendation from us on the way 
forward. Apparently the wording in the A.I. referring to "assigning SCIDs 
to multiple spacecraft " had two origins:
1.      Requests that are submitted for the same SCID for both type V1 and 
2.      Requests that are submitted to assign SCIDs for more than one 
spacecraft (as in a constellation)
So SLP WG needs to consider solutions to the problem of CCSDS running out 
of assignable SCIDs. Some immediate thoughts come to mind in how to 
increase the SCID assignment pool:
Short term: Have each agency poll it?s missions to return SCID assignments 
no longer in use.
Longer term: Adopt USLP which increases the size of the SCID to at least 
13 bits and does away with multiple SCID assignments due to use 
(Telemetry, Telecommand, Proximity).
I look forward to continuing this dialog with you after the holiday.
Happy holidays to all !

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