[Sls-slp] Re: Yet another draft update to Proximity-1 Green Book Jan 24 2013

Enrico.Vassallo at esa.int Enrico.Vassallo at esa.int
Wed Feb 6 12:55:06 UTC 2013


I reviewed the reference document for what concerns the PL sections and 
amended the following:

1) Section 2.3.3

Forward/return data rates: "power of two" removed as per PL BB
Return link frequency changed as needed

2) Footnote 2 

"not for cross-support" added as per PL BB

3) Section

Frequency bands text aligned with PL BB

4) Section

I have not done anything but suggested that the whole section is removed 
since it does not contain any GB (or even BB) material but just a 
reference to a number of BB sections (some have new names/sections 
numbers, not reflected here.)

5) Section 4.2.6

Changed Bit to Symbol also in the title.

There is also a need to edit figures 4-2, 4-3, 4-4, 4-5 and 5-1 to replace 
bit with symbol. I cannot edit them.

I take the opportunity of this email to invite the RFM WG colleagues to 
review the document and let me know if they have additional points that I 

Regards, Enrico

P.S. For some reasons, Word marks your changes as mine ..... To avoid 
confusion, I highlighted mine in yellow.

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24/01/2013 21:04
Yet another draft update to Proximity-1 Green Book Jan 24 2013


After receiving several new inputs for the Prox-1 GB (including the CRC-32 
discussion that was submitted by ESA, other updates due to the inclusion 
of the LDPC in Prox-1, etc), I have posted this updated draft version on 
the CWE under:


Note: It is the intent of the SLP WG to publish an updated Prox-1 GB 
(current version is 2003) ideally concurrent with the release of the three 
updated Prox-1 Blue books. So your comments, additions, subtractions, 
multiplications : ) are welcome before our April 16 meeting!

Best regards,


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