[Sls-slp] FW: CCSDS Review of CCSDS 211.1-P-3.1, Proximity-1 Space Link Protocol--Physical Layer - RFM WG RID Disposition

Kazz, Greg J (313B) greg.j.kazz at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Sep 6 17:09:52 UTC 2012

Dear SLP,

Attached is a word document from Enrico Vassallo asking that you reply back to me if you have any comments concerning the RID resolutions on the Physical Layer Prox-1 Blue book in 5-year review that impacts any of the Prox-1 Data Link Layer Blue book.

My review has yielded the following remarks:

Item 1: Prefer the second option. Rationale – prefer to keep titles of sections, diagrams, tables, etc as short as possible and not be verbose. Therefore clarifying upfront in the definitions section that the word "forward" is an abreviation in these documents for "forward link" and visa versa for "return" should provide ample guidance to the user.

Item 2: Agree with Enrico's RID resolution here.

Item 3: Agree with the RID resolution, but change the phrase "being provided" to "provided". Rationale: It is verbose.

Item 4: Agree with the RID resolution, but remember I am a "bloody colonist".

Item 5: Agree with the RID resolution, but also change the word, "communications" to "communication" as in the previous RID. Let's be consistent.

Item 6: Agree with Enrico's RID resolution and text here.

Items 7,8,9, 10: Not part of SLP purview – no comment.

Looking forward to your views!

Greg Kazz

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Date: Thursday, September 6, 2012 5:21 AM
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Subject: CCSDS Review of CCSDS 211.1-P-3.1, Proximity-1 Space Link Protocol--Physical Layer - RFM WG RID Disposition

Dear All,

please find attached the RFM WG disposition of the above mentioned RIDs. Given that we are trying to achieve consistency among the 3 books, I am kindly asking you to review our proposals within your WGs and to let us know if these changes are possible for the 3 books. I believe that the mutual issues are limited to the first two RIDs (ESA-GPC-101 and 102) but please do not hesitate to check also the others for areas of cross interest.

Please also let us know if any of the RIDs assigned to your groups may have an impact on our book.

To avoid avalanche effects on emails, please do not ask your WG members to send their individual comments to the RFM WG but collect them all and send us one consolidated input per WG,

Once agreement on all items is reached, we will edit the PL book and submit to the Editor.

Regards, Enrico

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