[Sls-slp] Another Proximity-1 question: definitions of sync/async channel and data link

Marjorie de Lande Long marjorie at delandelong.com
Thu Mar 25 15:22:33 UTC 2010

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The three Proximity-1 Blue Books have definitions (section that
explain how the terms "asynchronous data link", "asynchronous channel"
and "synchronous channel" are used in the Proximity-1 specifications.
The wording is the same in each book.

>From the point of view of Proximity-1, are these definitions

[Please see the definitions in one of the books but, to summarize, they are: 

asynchronous data link: a sequence of variable-length PLTUs, which are
not necessarily concatenated.  The asynchronous data link can be used
over an asynchronous channel (e.g. for hailing) or over a synchronous
channel (e.g. for data services).

asynchronous channel: modulation is dropped between messages, and each
message is preceded by an acquisition sequence

synchronous channel: modulation is maintained between messages by
sending idle data

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