[Sls-slp] A CCSDS-Based Communication System for a Single Chip On-Board Computer

Hooke, Adrian J (9000) adrian.j.hooke at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Mar 10 14:12:00 UTC 2010

> Adrian what are you trying to highlight?

> The sentence "The complete CCSDS TLM and TC implementation is very complex

> for low-cost small satellites and hardware implementations are expensive." or something else?

Gian Paolo: I wasn't really trying to highlight  anything. The paper showed up in a Google Alert and I thought that you folks might be interested. It does seem ironic that the paper makes unsubstantiated claims about complexity and expense and then goes on to say "The research presented in this paper was sponsored by ESA under Contract N 14894 "A System-on-a-Chip for Small Satellite Data Processing and Control".


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