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Dear SLS-SLPers,

For discussion at the joint meetings at ESTEC on Wed. Oct 28 in the afternoon, please attend for the discussion of how we want the specification of PLOP-1 and PLOP-2 to be revised.

The NASA position is to depreciate PLOP-1, since none of our spacecraft use it, nor plan to use it in the future. This is because technology advancements in receiver design have made it obsolete in our opinion.  The ESA position is below. Please come prepared to discuss your agency's position then.

Best regards,

Greg Kazz

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Subject: PLOP-1: ESA position

        wrt PLOP-1, ESA propose to include a statement like the one we have in ECSS-E-ST-50-04C(31July2008)

a. PLOP-2 should be used in preference to PLOP-1.
NOTE PLOP-2 supports a higher data throughput on the physical telecommand channel. PLOP-1 is included here for completeness and is used, for example, by ground systems and for cross support.

We can discuss this in ESTEC


Gian Paolo
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