[Sls-slp] FW: Presentation on use of LDPC code in Proximity-1

Kazz, Greg J (313B) greg.j.kazz at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Oct 29 06:32:15 UTC 2009

The URL is:


(under the NGU public folder for 2009 fall meeting)

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From: Kazz, Greg J (313B)
Sent: Wednesday, October 28, 2009 11:29 PM
To: 'sls-slp at mailman.ccsds.org'; 'sls-hru at mailman.ccsds.org'
Subject: Presentation on use of LDPC code in Proximity-1


I would like to make this presentation at today's joint C&S/SLP meeting today.
Please find it also in the CWE under both SLP and NGU under the following URLs.

Please review this presentation as soon as possible.

The file name is LDPC-Prox-1g

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