[Sls-slp] JPL Security Presentation for CCSDS meeting

Greenberg, Edward (313B) edward.greenberg at jpl.nasa.gov
Sun Oct 25 03:56:45 UTC 2009

I am providing this presentation to lay the ground work for how the Security Header can be inserted into AOS, TM,TC and Proximity Frames if the proposed AOS, TM, TC and Prox-1 Pink Sheets are adopted.  I have concluded that since the probability of providing cross support Cryptographic service is infinitesimal the exact structure for of the header is secondary and can be managed by an agency or mission as desired.  The major benefit for having a managed structure is commonality of implementation. The tests that need to be provided for this book will be associated with the provision of cross services that can be accommodated when the cryptographic process is performed by the user and cross support process are provided by multi-mission services.

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