[Sls-slp] TC commanding

Greenberg, Edward (313B) edward.greenberg at jpl.nasa.gov
Sat Oct 17 14:27:28 UTC 2009

I think that we need to understand the installed base for commanding.  Commanding with AOS has significantly different properties and approaches from commanding with TC, so maybe we can limit this discussion to TC.   NASA's architecture has the command frames built at the project's operations center (POCC).  Command sequences for instruments can be formulated by the experimenters and transferred to the POCC but commands are formulated into TC frames at the POCC.  The POCC performs the COP and uses SLE-FCLTU service to deliver the CLTUs to the station for radiation.  In this scenario the SDLS service is performed at the POCC before the COP and is transparent to the SLE service and the station.   I can envision an architecture where the CLTUs are composed at the POCC with SDLS service performed at the POCC and the COP being provided by the station (this would require FCLTU SDUs to provide the COP with information pertaining to multiple transmissions of the same CLTU to accommodate  ESA's most recent request for change in the COP).  But the use of SLE packet service from the POCC to a central operations center or to the station would put all the TC formulation and COP control at that site where the SDLS service would need to be provided.  The remote control of the SDLS service would then need to be integrated into service management and provisioning.  So what is the architecture for ESA and CNES and other agencies?  What installed base are we working with?

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