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Dear Greg,
Please find below the answer to this action.

We analysed the new proposed hammering telecommand functionality and
concluded that:
   The proposal does not impact the return services;
   The proposal does not impact the F-CLTU service;
   The impact on FSP will be limited to:
   - no impact on the service provision, i.e. no protocol change between user
   and provider; ;
   - a small impact on the service production. Only those Agencies that have
   implemented FSP would be affected. if they want to implement this
   extension. Possible latency may have to be expected;
   - a possible minor impact may have to be considered in Service Management
   for the management of this new functionality. It must be noted that at
   this stage FSP Service Management is not supported in the existing
As a conclusion the changes can be accepted and would have to be properly
scheduled once confirmed.

Best regards


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                                        FW: SLS-SLP Meeting Berlin: Slides   
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I am following up on an action item assigned to me at the Colorado Springs
meeting in the SLS area.

The action is to request the CSS-CSTS WG examine the potential impact the
attached proposed ESA change to the CCSDS Telecommand Standards may have
regarding the addition of a new capability to allow for repeated
retransmission of the same TC frame. For example, if this proposal is
approved one would be able to populate the new retransmission repeat
parameter and use it to request the repetition of a series of frame numbers
such as 1,1,1,1,1,1,2,2,2,2,2,2, etc. This change was proposed by ESA in
particular to support the LISA - Pathfinder mission in the early acquisition
phase since it will be tumbling and may require commanding in a contingency

Attached is an overview of the proposal by Margorie de Lande Long as well as
a Zip file containing the proposed changes to the CCSDS SLS area documents.

The SLS-SLP WG believes these changes may potentially impact both FSP and
FCLTU services. However, we request the CSS-CSTS WG make an assessment, so
SLS-SLP can factor that into the decision process of either approving or
disapproving the changes.

Please let me know if you have any questions and thanks in advance for your

best regards,

Greg Kazz

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                                        SLS-SLP Meeting Berlin: Slides for
                                        TC Retransmissions


Here are the slides for the presentation about TC Retransmissions for
the SLS-SLP meeting in Berlin on Thursday 16th October.

Looking forward to seeing you next week,

Marjorie de Lande Long
I B + M A de Lande Long
Software + Consultancy

(See attached file: TCretransBerlin.ppt)
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