[Sls-slp] Action Item: Poll Agencies on use of IPv4, SCPS-NP, and ISO-8473 APID

Kazz, Greg J greg.j.kazz at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon May 4 22:49:16 UTC 2009


At both the SIS-IPO and SLS-SLP WG meeting in Colorado Springs, the following action item was accepted:

WG members to poll their respective agencies to determine if the following Space Link Identifiers can be depreciated from the Space Link Identifiers Blue Book. These IDs are:

 1.  IPv4 (proposal is to remove this CCSDS packet version number )
 2.  SCPS-NP (proposal is to remove this CCSDS packet version number )
 3.  ISO-8473 (proposal is to remove the APID 2046 assignment)

Note that the timing as to when these changes can be made to the CCSDS documents affected is still TBD. This action is only on the agencies to determine if there would be any negative consequence for carrying out these proposals.

The sections of the CCSDS documents affected for your information only are as follows:

1. Remove IPv4, SCPS-NP Packet Version numbers from Table 7.6. Also Note 2 needs to be removed from that table. In addition, in Annex C, rows 2 and 3 of that table also need to be deleted, since they deal with IPv4 and SCPS-NP packet version numbers.

2. The only other document that I could find that talks about IPv4 or SCPS-NP packet version numbers specifically is the Proximity-1 Space Data Link specification (2006 current version, BB-4).

Tom let me know what you think, but I recommend we would make a technical corrigendum to this document commensurate with the proposed changes to Space Link Identifiers above. In Section CCSDS Packet Delivery Service, we should remove the references to IPv4 and SCPS-NP and say ... (see Table 7.6 of Reference 10, Space Link Identifiers Blue Book). Also need to remove IPv4 from the acronym list.

3. Lastly, we gained consensus at the COS meetings to deprecate ISO 8473 from Table 5.2 Reserved APIDs in Space Link Identifiers. The same action applies for agencies to do diligence to ensure it is not used. In that spirit, reference [16] would also be removed from that document.  This change would be rolled into the change package for the Space Link Identifiers BB.

Best regards,

Greg Kazz
Chairman SLS-SLP and SIS-IPO WGs

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