[Sls-slp] Fwd: [SLS-CC] CCSDS Fall Meeting Registration Now Open (and it has a DEADLINE!!!)

Greg Kazz greg.j.kazz at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Sep 12 15:14:15 UTC 2008

Dear SLS-SLP, SLS-HRU (now next generation uplink), SIS-IPO WG member:

>Dear All,
>         please consider the mail below and 
> please register on the CCSDS web site.
>Note that there are 2 ways to login: either use 
>your CCSDS CWE Login or use the Generic Login Below
>         Username:         meetings
>         Password:         fall#2008
>PLEASE PAY ATTENTION to the deadline for registration.
>I look forward to seeing you all in Berlin.
>Best regards
>Greg Kazz

P.S. Thanks to Gian-Paolo for generating the content of this message!

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>[Ccsds-all] CCSDS Fall Meeting Registration Now Open
>Fall 2008 WG Meeting Registration Open
>Hosted by DLR, the CCSDS Fall 2008 technical 
>meeting series will be held in Berlin, Germany, 
>at the DIN Facilities, from 13 October – 17 October 2008.
>Full information is available at 
>Please check back frequently for updates as the 
>detailed meeting agendas develop during the next couple of weeks.
>As always, registration is free and attendance 
>is open, but YOU MUST REGISTER in order to 
>attend any of the meetings. Registration will close 7 days before the meeting.
>The principal requirement for participating is 
>that you must register and must indicate 
>precisely which meetings you wish to attend. 
>Total attendance is limited by the size of the 
>facility and late registrants cannot be 
>guaranteed a place. Please register on-line at 
>Once registered your CCSDS space agency will 
>have up to 5 days to reject your registration, 
>so please use caution when making reservations 
>that have cancellation penalties within the next 
>5 days. If you hear nothing within 5 days, you have been approved.
>You are also strongly urged to make your travel 
>arrangements – especially hotel reservations - 
>as soon as possible. Participants will be 
>responsible for their own hotel reservations. 
>There are a number of hotels in the vicinity of 
>the DIN facilities. In many cases DIN has worked 
>out a special rate with them. Please see the 
>“Hotels” section on-line at 
>for further information.
>We look forward to seeing you in Berlin and to 
>welcome you to another important meeting of the 
>international space data systems interoperability community.
>International Workshop on Lunar Surface 
>Communications and Navigation to Take Place in Berlin
>This workshop, jointly sponsored by CCSDS and 
>DLR, will take place on Monday, 13 October in 
>conjunction with the CCSDS WG meetings. There 
>are currently a few open presentation slots 
>available. If you are interested in this unique 
>opportunity to initiate constructive dialog on 
>the subject of lunar surface communications and 
>navigation with interested colleagues, please 
>download the call for presentations at 
>You are required to register for this meeting as 
>part of the registration process outlined above, 
>attendance is limited to the first 60 registrants.
>New CCSDS Project Tracking System
>If you are a CCSDS WG Chair and have not begun 
>inputting your current WG projects into the new 
>online tracking system, please note that this is 
>considered a priority task by the CCSDS 
>Management Council (CMC). As such, the CMC chair 
>will be instructing those WGs that do not have 
>their projects entered into the system by the 
>start of the Berlin meetings to make this task 
>the first activity of the WG during its sessions 
>in Berlin. The CMC Chair, through the CESG, will 
>be communicating a more detailed message on this 
>issue in the near future to the relevant CCSDS representatives.
>Planning for Spring 2009 CCSDS Meetings
>We are currently planning the CCSDS Spring 2009 
>meetings that will be held in Colorado Springs, 
>CO beginning on 20 April 2009. During the Spring 
>2008 meetings in the USA, we had problems with 
>visa approval that prevented some agencies from 
>attending.  To prevent that, we want to prepare 
>the needed letters of invitation for April 2009, 
>and hand them to the attendees at the Berlin 
>meeting in October 2008.   If you are planning 
>to travel to the United States from another 
>country for the Spring meeting in Colorado and 
>you require any sort of invitation letter to 
>facilitate your travel arrangements, please 
>contact the CCSDS Secretariat 
><secretariat at mailman.ccsds.org> at your earliest 
>convenience so that we can prepare the letter 
>for delivery to you in Berlin, or by mail if you 
>will not be in Berlin. Please note that it is 
>the responsibility of the traveler to research 
>and communicate to us any particular 
>requirements that we will need to incorporate 
>into your letter of invitation. We are not 
>familiar with the requirements of the many 
>countries from which CCSDS experts may be departing.
>Craig Day
>CCSDS Secretariat Office
>Tel: +1-703-264-3849 • Fax: +1-703-264-7551
>craigd at aiaa.org
>The CCSDS-All mailing list is used by the CCSDS 
>Secretariat to send out meeting and press 
>releases related announcements.  It is 
>encouraged that you remain subscribed, but to 
>unsubscribe please e-mail 
>ccsds_techsupport at aiaa.org with the word 
>unsubscribe in the subject line.  To subscribe 
>please go to: http://mailman.ccsds.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/ccsds-all
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