[Sls-slp] Fw: CCSDS in Berlin: Applying Long Erasure Codes to CFDP

Greg Kazz greg.j.kazz at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Oct 9 15:47:35 UTC 2008


Please try to attend the following presentations at the CCSDS WG 
meetings in Berlin:

Just after lunch on Thursday


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>Subject: Fw: CCSDS in Berlin:  Applying Long Erasure Codes to CFDP
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>         I think attending would be interesting for SLP guys.
>What do you think?
>Gian Paolo
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>Gian Paolo Calzolari/esoc/ESA
>05-10-2008 17:40
>Bob Durst
>Dai Stanton <dstanton at keltik.co.uk>, Scott Burleigh 
><Scott.Burleigh at jpl.nasa.gov>, "Greg J. Kazz" 
><Greg.J.Kazz at jpl.nasa.gov>, Chris Taylor/estec/ESA at ESA, Jean-Luc 
>Gerner/estec/ESA at ESA, "Adrian J. Hooke" 
><adrian.j.hooke at jpl.nasa.gov>, Nestor Peccia/esoc/ESA at ESA
>CCSDS in Berlin:  Applying Long Erasure Codes to CFDP
>Dear Bob,
>         we are planning to have a presentation on "Applying Long 
> Erasure Codes to CFDP " and I think it would be interesting if the 
> guys of your Area could attend.
>I plan to have that presentation (by Tomaso De Cola of DLR) on 
>Thursday just after lunch.
>I think this is a good opportunity for this new item.
>Please let me know about your opinion and participation.
>Gian Paolo

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