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For your comment from Jean-Luc Gerner on CCSDS Mission Profiles.


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>Dear all,
>You may remember that I took at CCSDS Fall'2007 meeting the action to draft a
>mission profiles document.
>Here it is.
>(See attached file: CCSDS-Mission Profiles White Book draft-3.doc)
>At the moment it is an SLS-internal document for which I would appreciate
>your comments. Actually, it is mostly a frame, still empty with requirements.
>I am hoping that we will be able to gradually fill it in and come-up with
>mission profiles requirements that will help us identifying the best
>technical solution to fill the needs.
>Feel free to circulate the document among the WGs members.
>Your comments are more than welcome.
>best regards
>Jean-Luc Gerner
>Tel: +31 71 565 4473
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