[Sls-slp] Re: June 2007 "NASA-CMLP" Report

Klaus-Juergen.Schulz at esa.int Klaus-Juergen.Schulz at esa.int
Fri Jun 22 18:52:27 UTC 2007

Dear Adrian,

An Action item was created for Les Deutsch in IOAG-11 on the matter. I cannot
give you the action reference number right away, but it will come with the
IOAG-11 minutes of meeting.

Best Regards,


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                                        Re: June 2007 "NASA-CMLP" Report     

At this week's IOAG-11 meeting it was agreed that the CMLP report is
difficult to critique without the large amount of supporting
rationale and analysis that lie behind the summary recommendations.

Accordingly, Les Deutsch of NASA agreed to produce and circulate this
supplementary information. I have CC'd Les and I hope that we will
shortly hear from him with respect for when he expects to have it
ready to distribute.

Klaus-Juergen: please confirm that an IOAG-11 action item exists for
Les to produce this information.


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