[Sls-slp] Fwd: Re: Update to Encapsulation Packet Pink Sheets

Greg Kazz greg.j.kazz at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Sep 1 23:02:10 UTC 2005

Dear SLS-SLP WG members,

Attached is an updated pink sheet with all of the proposed changes to the 
Encapsulation Service. We will discuss this topic at the SLS-SLP WG meeting 
in Atlanta. Changes to the original pink sheet are noted below and in the 
pink sheet with the term, "August 2005" in red.

best regards,

Greg Kazz

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>Subject: Re: Update to Encapsulation Packet Pink Sheets
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>At 06:09 PM 9/1/2005, Greg Kazz wrote:
>>Can you create a pink sheet version that contains all of the proposed 
>>changes i.e., the last pink sheet and now this pink sheet together and 
>>send it to me so that I can discuss it in the WG in Atlanta?
>>I like the way you noted the new changes i.e., August 2005.
>>At 02:58 PM 9/1/2005, you wrote:
>>>Changes to Encapsualtion Service are attached.
>>>At 04:19 PM 8/23/2005, Greg Kazz wrote:
>>>>Here are the additional things to add to the pink sheet:
>>>>1) We forgot about Prox-1 Space Data Link. It needs to be added to the 
>>>>list of references. Make it reference [4] - forces reassignment of 
>>>>references downstream unfortunately
>>>>2) Update 1.1 Purpose
>>>>references [1] - [4]
>>>>3) Same for 2.1 Concept (need to add Prox-1 reference)
>>>>4) same for the Note on sec 2-3 Addressing
>>>>5) Under Section 4.2.1 General  (Encapsulation Packet) need to add a NOTE:
>>>>There are differences in the definition of the Encapsulation Packet 
>>>>Header below which are incompatible with the initial definition 
>>>>contained in ref [B2]-[B4]. The definition below replaces the initial 
>>>>definition and renders it obsolete.
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