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>Subject: [CESG] CCSDS Spring 2006 meeting in Rome
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>Dear all,
>Any intention to contribute to SpaceOps with a paper? Let me know.
>Please pass around to your WG members.
>Jean-Luc Gerner
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>                                                   Subject: [CESG] CCSDS 
> Spring 2006 meeting in Rome
>                       17/10/2005 
> 16:56 
>Please note the following from Loredana - it looks likely that our next
>(Spring 2006) CCSDS plenary-style meeting will be in Rome from 12-16 June
>(the week before SpaceOps). We would probably hold a CESG meeting later on
>Friday afternoon (16 June) and all day on Monday (19 June).
>FYI, it also looks as though the CMC meeting will be held in Moscow the
>beginning of the week after SpaceOps, probably 26-28 June, though this is not
>yet fully confirmed.
>abstract deadline is one month away (15 November) so please activate your WG
>networks and get abstracts written and submitted. Our members of the SpaceOps
>program committee (CC'd above) should also think about whether a session
>containing some tutorials or short courses by key CCSDS personnel would be
>Best regards
>       Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 11:57:23 +0200
>       From: Bruca Loredana <loredana.bruca at asi.it>
>       Adrian,
>       I confirm the possibility of hosting the Spring 2006 CCSDS meetings in
>       Rome. Last week we met the responsible of the meeting facility in Rome.
>       The facility is owned by the Italian Ministry for Internal Affair and
>       hosts the fireman operation control centre and training centre. There
>       are 20 rooms (40 participants/room), internet, canteen, and it is
>       available for the week before SpaceOps. Within the end of this week, we
>       have to visit again the facility and discuss with them the logistics
>       concerning internet connection, coffee break organisation, security
>       procedure for visitors acceptance. Next  week I shall provide more
>       details and updated information during the CMC meeting.
>       Kind regards,
>       Loredana
>       P.S. The facility in Pisa has been left out because of few numbers of
>       available rooms (e.g. 3 big rooms (100-150 people, 4 small rooms)
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