[Sls-slp] CCSDS Fall 04 Link Layer Related WG Agendas

Greg Kazz greg.j.kazz at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Oct 7 00:13:32 UTC 2004


Here is my 1st draft of the following WG agendas for the Fall 2004 CCSDS 
Meetings in Toulouse during the week of Nov 15 through Nov 19. Please note 
that information about meeting location and lodgings in Toulouse is now 
available on www.ccsds.org.  Please also register for the meetings at that 
web site.

This email concerns:
CCSDS SLS-SLP WG , CCSDS Link Layer WG, Build-2 Prox-1 WG

Please let me know if you have any additional topics you would like to add 
to these agendas.

Draft SLS-SLP WG Agenda:

-  Pink sheets against the AOS Space Data Link Protocol CCSDS 732.0-P1.1

We took this item up at our last meeting and received approval from CESG to 
proceed. However, this item was not followed up on i.e., no formal pink 
sheets were drawn up by the secretariat. I simply want to review these 
changes to make sure they are still correct (to handle frame accountability 
for missions reasonably to 150 Mbps e.g., Lunar Recon Orbiter) and cover 
the changes to TM Sync and Channel Coding, if we ever envision an increase 
of frame size beyond 16KB.

Possible joint Channel Coding and Link Layer topic concerning frame length 
increase for TM Sync & Channel Coding

- Encapsulation Service RED-2

We also took this item up at out last meeting and received approval from 
CESG to proceed. These changes would make the encapsulation packet header 
compatible with microprocessors that require 32-bit word compatibility.

Draft Link Layer WG Agenda:

Concerns itself with the following Link Layer Green Books:

- The complete 1st issue of the Draft Proximity-1 Space Link Protocol Green 
Book will be discussed at this meeting. I will circulate this document to 
the WG members by email so you can review it before the meeting.

- Discuss any comments both internal to the WG as well as received due to 
the review of the following link layer documents on the CCSDS web site. 
Current versions of these documents are accessible from 

CCSDS 130.0-G-1.1 Overview of Space Link Protocols Green Book

CCSDS 130.2-G-0.1 Overview of Space Data Link Protocols Green Book

Proximity-1 Build-2 WG:

Work here is currently on hold for now. We have completed all of the 
revisions on the data link book which resulted in a new blue book and 
completed the majority of changes to the physical layer but are awaiting 
the results of an action item on the RF&MOD WG concerning the wording of 
requirements on data rate accuracies and stabilities. The RF&MOD WG is 
planning to meet during the week on Oct. 18 in Pasadena and I understand 
they plan to take up this action at that time.  The result of this action 
item will effect this requirement in the Physical Layer of Proximity-1.


Greg Kazz
Chairman CCSDS SLS-SLP WG , CCSDS Link Layer WG, Build-2 Prox-1 WG

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