[Sls-slp] Fall 2004 CCSDS Meeting Attachments

Greg Kazz greg.j.kazz at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Nov 24 21:28:31 UTC 2004

Dear WG members,

I've put the attachments from our Fall 2004 CCSDS Space Link Protocol WG 
and Prox-1-Build-2 WG meetings onto the following folder on the CCSDS Web 
site.  Please go to:

1.      AOS Space Link Protocol Pink Sheets – Addition of Frame Sequence 
roll over counter - Tim Ray (NASA/GSFC)
2.      Encapsulation Service Version RED-2
3.      Space Link Identifiers pink sheets– addition of Prox-1 well-defined 
Port IDs
4.      Proposed link layer and channel coding areas for future mission 
5.      Pink Sheets to Proximity-1 Physical Layer – Short/Long term data 
rate stability requirements
6.      NASA/JPL ELECTRA Project Prox-1 Usage Notes
7.      CNES SmarT Transponder Capabilities - Jeremie Benoist

I will also be placing the minutes of both of these WGs on this web site as 
well and I will let you know by email when they are available.

Thanks for your participation at these meetings!

Greg Kazz
Chairman CCSDS Prox-1-Build-2 WG

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