[Sls-slp] Fwd: [SLS-CC] Warning for CCSDS Spring 2004 Meeting

Greg J Kazz greg.j.kazz at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Nov 14 17:13:21 UTC 2003

Dear Space Link Protocol WG members,

The same is true for our WG as well. See Gian-Paolo's note below.


>Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003 10:00:19 +0100
>From: Gian.Paolo.Calzolari at esa.int
>Subject: [SLS-CC] Warning for CCSDS Spring 2004 Meeting
>To: SLS Channel Coding Working Groups <sls-cc at mailman.ccsds.org>
>Cc: "Greg J. Kazz" <Greg.J.Kazz at jpl.nasa.gov>,
>  Franco Chiaraluce <chifra at mta01.unian.it>, Marco Chiani 
> <mchiani at deis.unibo.it>
>X-Lotus-FromDomain: ESA
>Original-recipient: rfc822;Greg.J.Kazz at jpl.nasa.gov
>Preliminary Information.
>Please be informed that - as announced at the Fall 2003 Meeting - the Spring
>2004 Meeting is likely to be held in  Montreal (Canada) during the 10-14 May
>timeframe, i.e., the week before SpaceOps 2004 Conference.
>Best regards
>Gian Paolo

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