[Sls-slp] Draft Green Book on Space Packet Protocol

Takahiro Yamada tyamada at pub.isas.ac.jp
Tue Aug 12 11:47:42 UTC 2003

Dear CESG members, Space Packet Protocol WG members, and Space Link 
Protocols WG members:

I have written a draft Green Book on the Space Packet Protocol, which 
can be found at


This book should have been written together with the Red Book on the 
same protocol, but unfortunately I couldn't find time to do so.

I'd appreciate it very much if you could review it together with the 
Red Book, Issue 1A, which can be found in the same collection.

I've found that this Green Book is listed as a deliverable of the 
Space Link Protocols WG, not of the Space Packet Protocol WG, but I 
think it should belong to the Space Packet Protocol WG.  If you agree 
with me, please correct the charters accordingly.

Since the Space Packet Protocol is one of the primary products of 
CCSDS, I'd like the draft Green Book to be reviewed by as many people 
as possible.  I'd appreciate it if you could distribute the draft to 
any people who may be interested in reviewing it.

I will write another Green Book on the Space Data Link Protocols in 

Best regards,
Takahiro Yamada, ISAS.

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