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Fri Aug 25 13:57:03 UTC 2023

Dear SLS-OPT Working Group members,

As discussed at our August meeting, the Optical Communications Working Group is in search of a new chair because NASA has asked that Bernie Edwards, the current chair, relinquish the position after serving in the role for over a decade.  NASA and ESA are recommending that the chair be transitioned to Jon Hamkins from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, who has been a leader in the working group for many years. They also recommend that Clemens Hesse remain as the deputy chair.

However, any space agency member of the working group can make a recommendation.  Thus, please consider whether a representative from your agency would like to be the new chair, and if so, please be prepared to make a nomination at our next SLS-OPT meeting on 12 September 2023.  At that meeting, the working group will resolve to send a recommendation to the SLS Area Director regarding the new chairmanship, which will officially start the transition process.  Please note, however, that this will just be a recommendation from our working group-it is not final.

Until the handover to the new chair is completed, Bernie will continue as the chair and he will be in attendance at the face-to-face meeting in November 2023.

Lena Braatz
Lead Associate
braatz_lena at bah.com<mailto:braatz_lena at bah.com>

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