[SLS-OPT] SLS-OPT agenda for May 10-11 mtg in Huntsville

Braatz, Lena [USA] braatz_lena at bah.com
Thu Apr 20 19:03:06 UTC 2023

Dear SLS-OPT team,

Below is the agenda for the upcoming face-to-face meeting in Huntsville on May 10-11, 2023:

Day 1 (Wed, May 10, starting at 0845h):

  1.  Discuss Prototypes and the Yellow Book for the O3K Physical Layer
  2.  Discuss Prototypes and the Yellow Book for the O3K Coding and Sync Layer (ESA, Nicolo Mazzali)
  3.  Discuss Uplink Data Rate for Ranging (O3K and HPE)
  4.  Green Book Draft discussion
  5.  Agency Presentations on Topics of Interest:

     *   DLR IKN: Satellite QKD topics (A. Shrestha)

Day 2 (Thurs, May 11, starting at 0845h):

  1.  Review the proposed Coherent Blue Book White Paper
  2.  Coherent Blue Book proposals from:

     *   ESA
     *   CNES
     *   JAXA

Best regards,

Lena Braatz
Lead Associate
braatz_lena at bah.com<mailto:braatz_lena at bah.com>

Booz | Allen | Hamilton

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