[SLS-OPT] O3K pink sheets in split section

Jon Hamkins Jon.Hamkins at jpl.caltech.edu
Mon May 16 07:44:38 UTC 2022

As we discussed at our previous meeting, I have completed a revision of 
the O3K pink sheets, splitting O3K and HPE into separate sections. 
Unfortunately, I had trouble trying to edit in place on CWE as 
suggested. I've uploaded a new document to the same CWE folder, CWE 
Private / Draft Documents / Pink Sheets for O3K_Optical Comm Coding and 

A few notes:

  * The HPE section is now identical to the published standard, with one
    update fixing a typo, previously discussed.
  * The new O3K section immediately follows
  * The O3K section has a number of edits, most relating to stripping
    out the HPE language
  * Change-tracking is used
  * I've substantially revised the signal flow figure, now specific to
    O3K (Figure 4-1)
  * For some reason, I cannot actually see new Figure 4-1 unless I set
    the change-tracking view to "no markup". You may find the "no
    markup" view helpful to make some of the reading easier.


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