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Jon Hamkins Jon.Hamkins at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Jan 11 07:25:34 UTC 2022

Hi all,

In preparation of our meeting, I have uploaded the following files to CWE

  * 2022-01-11-Pink-sheets-log.docx
      o This is a log of my editing the O3K Pink Sheets
      o It contains a summary of the edits
      o It also contains a list of a few unresolved items we may wish to
  * 142x0b1-O3K-pink-sheets-2022_01_11.docx
      o This is the latest edited Pink Sheets I have produced
      o It shows all differences from the published standard in pink
  * 142x0b1-O3K-pink-sheets-2022_01_11-delta-from-2021-12-20.docx
      o This shows all differences made relative to the Pink Sheets
        Geraldine distributed on Dec. 20, 2021.
      o What is pink in this document is specifically the edits I have
        made to the Dec. 20 version.

I have spent perhaps 60 hours on this, attempting to edit the Pink 
Sheets into the concise normative form suitable for a Blue Book. It is a 
huge undertaking. I am happy with my work on this, and I think the 
intended specification is better now, with several areas simplified, and 
with crisp normative statements in the main headings and the informative 
statements confined to notes. Unfortunately, I did not complete the 
editing, and sections 3.11 and 3.12 both still need significant editing 
to bring this to completion. But we are getting closer.


*Jon Hamkins*
Lead Technologist, Communications, Tracking, and Radar Division

*JPL*   |   jpl.nasa.gov
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