[SLS-OPT] Updated high photon efficiency optical communications proposed standards

Jon Hamkins jon.hamkins at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Sep 30 20:51:25 UTC 2016

Updated proposed recommended standards have been placed in the "Draft 
Documents" folder in CCSDS Collaborative Work Environment (CWE):

“High Photon Efficiency Optical Communications – Coding and 
Synchronization,” White Book. Draft 6. September 2016.
“High Photon Efficiency Optical Communications – Physical Layer,” White 
Book. Draft 3. September 2016.

I am providing these updates two weeks ahead of the meeting in Rome so 
that you have a chance to review these documents and prepare any 
feedback you have.  At the VITS on Tuesday, I will summarize the changes 
and gaps that have been filled in the updated documents, to highlight 
the aspects that you may wish to think about.  In Rome, I will step 
through the changes in more detail and provide new technical 
justification on several aspects of the specification.


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