[SLS-OPT] Agenda for CCSDS Optical Comm WG F2F meeting

Braatz, Lena [USA] braatz_lena at bah.com
Mon Mar 9 19:32:25 UTC 2015

Dear CCSDS Optical Communication Working Group members,

Bernie and Klaus-Juergen have agreed upon the inputs and the agenda below for our face-to-face meeting March 23-26, 2015:

Inputs due for face-to-face meeting:

Draft white book for coding (deep space - high rate from ESA and NASA)

Draft white book for physical layer (deep space - high rate from ESA and NASA, and low complexity)

Green book - provide matrix of comments and status

Monday AM:
Review status and charter - What standards should be developed?  Should there be a High Data Rate recommendation?  How many?  How many are too many?

Low complexity definition - 1st Discussion - Focused on the Definition Only

Monday PM:
            Review of high photon efficiency recommendation

Tuesday AM:
            Dual Wavelength Implementation Option - 1st Half of Discussion

Tuesday PM:
NASA/ESA high data proposals review
NASA response to ESA's presentation on the 9 March telecon

Wednesday AM:
            Dual Wavelength Implementation Option - 2nd Half of Discussion

Wednesday PM:
Develop schedule for High Data Recommendation
Low complexity definition - 2nd Discussion

Thursday AM:
           Green Book on Real-Time Weather and Atmospheric Characterization Data Status and Update
Low complexity definition - Review and Consensus

Thursday PM:
            Develop schedule for comments / responses for all books
            Book Structure (2 White Books, 1 Green)

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Lena Braatz
Office 434-973-4453
braatz_lena at bah.com

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