[SLS-CC] C&S Pasadena meeting, draft minutes

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Hope you had a nice trip back.Thanks for the report. We take note of the reporting you made in section 2.7 of the DVB-S2 GB update.
We note Wai Fong’s remark concerning the one-agency contribution for this GB. We would like to remind that this is common practice, as agencies are all too happy that one agency volunteers to do the GB drafting job); It was the case recently for the LDPC add-on in the TM Channel C&S GB. It was also the case not only of the 415-0G1 CDMA via DRS Green Book but also of the Blue Book itself 415-1B1. I wish Wai Fong showed as nitty-gritty with the current LDPC Slicing project of C&S which deals with NORMATIVE material and still is a single-agency project!
Outside SLS, we could also mention the current CFDP GB project in SIS  or the Navigation GB project in MOIMS, which are both single-agency projects.
Concerning Doppler/Doppler-rate questions, we would appreciate if you could report on CNES’s reply: “CNES mentioned that Doppler, if it were to be addressed, should be discussed in the frame of the RFM books; it has to be noted that the RFM WG never deemed it necessary – so far – to address Doppler in GBs, such as the GB on BW-Eff Modulations”.
best regardsJean-Luc
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Dear all,

thank you for the fruitful C&S meeting.
Please find attached the draft minutes,including the action items.
Have a look at your earliest convenienceand let me know your comments.
I'll publish the final version in 2weeks time (12 April).

Best regards,

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