[Sis-ipo] Final Draft Release of IP over CCSDS

Greg Kazz greg.j.kazz at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Mar 6 19:32:09 EST 2008


I have released a new draft version of the IP over CCSDS magenta book.
It resides on the CCSDS CWE SIS-IPO public folder in: 

The file name is: New_IP_over_CCSDS_MAR6_08.doc

This version is in response to comments received by the NASA 
Constellation Project. Thanks for the comments!

This new version addresses their concerns. Some additional questions 
posed from Constellation and my answers follow:

1. Encapsulation service over MAPP transfer service does not exist.
2. "user Note: Recommend that this specification state the format of 
the idle data so that everyone remains compatible."  Reason not to do 
this: The only reason to place a fixed pattern into the fill is to 
provide bit transitions.  With randomization which CCSDS requires 
this is unnecessary.
3. Inclusion of CxP IP Protocol Stack diagrams into a non-normative 
Annex. Reason not to do this: I have upgraded figures 3-1a and 3-1b 
to include the physical, data link, and network layers so that it 
generically represents what was described in the CxP stack diagrams.
4. Note also that in an IP stream, there is no fill inserted. IP 
packets will be bursty and at times its possible that the CCSDS AOS 
frame maker may not receive sufficient IP data to finish a frame 
before it needs to be transmitted. In such cases, an Encapsulation 
Idle packet will be created to fill the remainder of the frame.


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