[Sis-ipo] Fwd: CCSDS 702.1-R-2 : RFC 2507 & 2508 IP header compression support

Greg Kazz greg.j.kazz at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Jun 3 19:03:08 EDT 2008

Dear WG member,

Attached is the URL (below) of a new RID against the draft IP over 
CCSDS Magenta book. Please take a look at it and let me know what you 
think of my initial thoughts on this RID. I would really appreciate 
it, if you could send me your comments by no later than June 10.

This RID is all about how to transfer IPHC PDUs (RFC 2507/2508) over 
the CCSDS space link. Attached are some VGs (see p. 2) that explain 
the 4 options. VG #1 shows all the logical CCSDS paths of sending IP 
over the space link. In reality, the router in this picture will only 
have two physical paths (one for KA-band high rate and one for S-band 
low rate and the router will determine QoS.)

It boils down to two options (#2 and #4). Option 2 is the best 
technical solution. But it would require assigning a PID to MPoFR. 
Option 4 has no impact on existing CCSDS standards, it says when 
transferring IPHC PDUs use the Encapsulation Packet with PID = '111' 
user defined, and assign the 4 bits that signal the type of header 
compression to be done in the 4 bit User Defined field in the Encap header.

On the sending side, the user supplies the PID, RFC_2507/8 PDU, the 
length of the Data Packet/PDU,the 4 bits of user data if used (non 
0000), and the AOS VCID if the Encap packet is required to be placed 
within a specific VC. The receive side will extract the contents of 
the Encap packet RFC 2507/2508 and the 4 bits of user data to the 
port identified by the PID.

Best regards,

Greg Kazz

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