[Sea-time] Agenda for fall meeting

Jon Hamkins Jon.Hamkins at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Sep 30 16:49:04 UTC 2020

Hi all,

For the fall meetings, we have scheduled teleconferences on October 29 
and November 4. Please see previous emails for connection information.

The planned agenda is:

  * Status of action items
  * Discussion of time calibration packet formats in each agency
  * Discussion of mission survey status and spreadsheet
  * Status of Green Book

If you have other presentations or agenda items, please let me know this 

Based on my notes, we should be working on the following action items 
(some may already be complete):

  * Green Book draft
      o Christian to provide full citations for [20-22]
      o Beau/Eric to provide citation for [23]
      o Sinda to clarify Qosc in 3.1
      o Sinda to insert detail in 3.5.2
      o Beau and Eric to revise section 4.1.4 (or resend)

  * Each space agency to detail format of time calibration packets used
    in missions
  * Each space agency to collect data for mission survey
  * Jon to provide spreadsheet template for mission survey
  * Jon to investigate participant from Russia for section 4.3 and
    mission survey
  * Pending Actions from 7/30/2020:
      o Vic Vilnrotter agreed to rework the introduction in Section 5 to
        remove any NASA-specific terminology.
      o Beau Blanding tentatively agreed to write section 7.3,
        spacecraft maneuvers.


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