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Jon Hamkins Jon.Hamkins at jpl.caltech.edu
Thu Apr 16 17:06:54 UTC 2020

We attempted to hold the Time Management teleconference as scheduled 
today.  Unfortunately, participation was small, some people had 
conflicts, one or two may have had a daylight vs. standard time mix up, 
and there was no one from outside of the U.S. joining.  After a short 
conversation, we decided it would be better to coordinate by email 
rather than talk among such a small group.

Please respond to the following, within the next couple of days, if you can.

  * If you had an input to discuss at today's meeting, please post it to
    CWE in the "2020-04-06 teleconference" folder.  If you do this,
    please also send an email to this mailing list, with a paragraph
    describing what the input is.  Currently, there are two inputs
    there.  One is from Lee Pitts and includes his comments on the
    previous Green Book draft, along with a new section, 6.2, on
    ranging/Doppler.  The other is from Vic Vilnrotter and includes
    about 12 pages describing the time correlation concept and 3 NASA
    methods for time correlation. This work is still being edited.
  * Originally, we had face-to-face meetings scheduled for May 6 and 8. 
    Since those are now cancelled, we will schedule teleconferences.  It
    is not practical to meet for 8 hours in a day, given the time zones
    we are in.  I propose that we meet for two hours on each of May 6
    and May 8, starting at 7 am Pacific Daylight Time (GMT-7).  Please
    let me know if this would be OK with you.
  * The main goal of these meetings is to assemble a complete a draft of
    the Green Book.  The most important part of the Green Book at this
    point is the input from each agency that describes their protocol(s)
    for managing time.  The introductory and boilerplate material will
    be much easier to write.  Please let me know your updated plans for
    providing input.
  * Please also let me know if you have other presentations or topics to
    discuss at the May teleconferences.  I would like to discuss the
    path forward on the mission survey of time management, for example.

Thank you for your continued participation during these trying times.  I 
hope you are all managing well and staying safe.


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