[Sea-time] Time management news

Jon Hamkins Jon.Hamkins at jpl.caltech.edu
Wed Sep 18 16:45:11 UTC 2019

Thank you for the productive teleconference today.  As we discussed, I 
have placed the following documents in CWE:

  * The working group charter
  * The updated schedule of working group activities
  * Minutes of the teleconference

These are in the SEA-TIME folder, under Meeting 

I have taken the Green Book outline we developed today and put it in the 
form of a draft CCSDS document with the required sections for CCSDS 
documents.  That is also in CWE.

As discussed, we all have the following actions:

  * Register for the October meeting and indicate you will attend Time
    Management (last time, the room was too small at moments). We are
    meeting Tuesday pm, and Wednesday am.
  * Volunteer to present a technical topic at the October meeting.
  * Review Green Book outline and prepare to a) comment on it, and b)
    volunteer to author sections, at the October meeting.


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