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Dear SEA-Time colleagues,

We have been communicating with some of our NASA colleagues who have been working GNSS and what they refer to as PNT issues (Pointing, Navigation, and Timing).  There are a couple of published articles that you may find of interest.

While we cannot expect to use GNSS much beyond the Earth this article suggests that there is a useful GNSS service volume out to the Moon.  There are still some very interesting challenges to understand if/how e might take advantage of this in an interoperable way for timekeeping in a networked and delay tolerant environment.

Regards, Peter

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Peter, one of our team’s articles was just released online:  https://insidegnss.com/international-committee-on-gnss-13-focuses-on-pnt-in-high-earth-orbit-and-beyond/?fbclid=IwAR30LQLoN0Rz2E5pxDiBZELpMJQNdbzp_MKhs1JGRbSZcJhVkoB6XnqV1nw

I know that you guys just kicked off your BoF discussions.  I think you will find this link an interesting read.


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