[Sea-time] [SEA-all] CCSDS Fall Meetings

Peter Shames peter.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Sep 24 13:03:42 UTC 2008

Dear SEA Colleagues,

This is a reminder that registration for the Berlin meetings is open.   
You may register via http://public.ccsds.org/meetings/2008Fall/default.aspx

Registration closes a week before the meeting so please sign up now.

Best regards, Peter


Peter Shames
CCSDS System Engineering Area Director

Jet Propulsion Laboratory, MS 301-230
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA 91109 USA

Telephone: +1 818 354-5740,  Fax: +1 818 393-0028

Internet:  Peter.Shames at jpl.nasa.gov

We must recognize the strong and undeniable influence that our  
language exerts on our ways of thinking and, in fact, delimits the  
abstract space in which we can formulate - give form to - our thoughts.

							Niklaus Wirth

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