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Just a thought (sorry for the delay) - are we making sure we're forwards compatible in the standard as well? I.e. can we make sure if we need to increase it in future we have a mechanism to allow us to do that?


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I agree with the recommendation for the Glossary.

For the Algorithms pink sheet and with the purpose to better inform the readers for the selection of key length, I would add to Howie's proposal the following informative reference document in Annex B.

Daniel J. Bernstein (editor). Challenges in Authenticated Encryption. ECRYPT-CSA D1.1, Revision 1.05, 1 March 2017.

The document is written by some of the best cryptographers in the world and is maintained, that is, it will be updated whenever new results are available.
It could be cited in the note where users are discouraged to use smaller sizes.

I believe we have discussed this reference on a previous meeting.
Be aware that moving to 256-bit for AES key is currently considered likely to be an overkill (see chapter 1.5 for a consideration of Quantum computers and Grover's algorithm).
The editor and some members of the group are aware of the extreme particulars of space application. In the website that hosts the competition for a new authenticated encryption algorithm (https://competitions.cr.yp.to/caesar.html) they have specifically pointed to a contribution Daniel and I submitted in 2012 with that purpose (https://competitions.cr.yp.to/features.html). We wanted to establish a connection between cryptographic research and our future needs ('our' meaning all space agencies).

Kind regards,


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Two of our documents (Security Glossary and Algorithm Pink Sheets) have recently completed CESG polling.  The intent of the poll was to enable the documents release for Agency Review.

Both documents received "Approve with Conditions" from the MOIMS AD and D/AD.

For the Security Glossary, the "condition" received was:

Mario Merri (Approve with Conditions): Since this book it is merely
a glossary of terms, it is not clear to me why it has not been taken
this opportunity to silverise the original GB and put the terms in

For the Algorithms Pink Sheets (where the only changes were the increased key sizes) the condition received was:

Mario Merri (Approve with Conditions): The main change is the
strenghen of the authenticaltion keys. These have been increased,
thus making implementations that followed the previous CCSDS
recommentation not-compliant. Why has the document update not been
made in a backward-compatible manner, still strongly recommending
the new key lengths?

For the glossary, I would like to respond with the following:

  *   All terms in the SANA Glossary are defined in CCSDS documents; the definitions in those documents are the source of the SANA Glossary,
  *   The update to the Security Glossary is an actual update to the glossary; even if it were someday decided to retire the Security Glossary in favor of a SANA-only glossary, the update would still have to happen first,
  *   The change in document color is happening in conjunction with the update, but it is not what the CESG is being asked to approve (the CMC already approved the change in color),
  *   Therefore, the condition is actually not a condition that applies to the document update and should be withdrawn.

For the Algorithms pink sheets, I would like to respond with the following:

  *   The increased key sizes will be made a "shall" for future missions.  The smaller key sizes will remain in the document for backward compatibility as "may" specifications for use in older missions although we will include a note discouraging the use of the smaller key sizes as being potentially vulnerable to attack.

Comments?  Changes?  Other final suggestions?  Please respond quickly so we can expedite getting the documents into Agency review so we will receive RIDs in time to review at the Fall meetings.




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