[Sea-sec] Action Items from Rome Fall 2016 Meetings - CSTS

Dorothea Richter dorothea.richter at dlr.de
Fri Apr 21 12:58:46 UTC 2017


thanks a lot for the two mails you sent me - and sorry for not beeing more 
presice in the one I sent on Wednesday.
You`re absolutely right - and this was also what I remembered from the Rome 
meetings: my action is to review section 6.3. 

Until now, in this section we only talk about the influence of applying 
security (either SDLS or higher layer security) on SLE services. I was 
wandering if there would also be an influence on CSTS services, so I proposed 
to write a chapter about this as well. 
But after what I learned from the CSTS books and from my colleague (being the 
fact that they are not planning a CSTS service for TM/TC/AOS frames) I`m not 
sure any more if talking about CSTS in chapter 6.3 makes sense at all. 
What do you think? 

Best regards, 

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