[Sea-sec] Action Items from Rome Fall 2016 Meetings - CSTS

Dorothea Richter dorothea.richter at dlr.de
Wed Apr 19 13:49:44 UTC 2017

Dear all, 

as mentioned in the Rome MoMs, I had an action item on the Security Protocols 
GB; it was about providing a section about CSTS.

I had a look in the CSTS CSS WG`s documents and also a discussion with one of 
my colleagues who is part of that WG.
The so called "framework" - describing the general way of how to set up a CSTS 
- is about to beeing published. On top of this framework the WG is working on 
two concrete CSTS Services for hte transfer of Monotoring Data and Tracking 
Data between different entities on ground. 

Since the SLE services are well-established, they have no plans for building 
up a service transferring TM/TC/AOS frames. Like that, the changes in the 
frame format when applying SDLS are - up to now - not relevant for CSTS. 
(Nevertheless my colleague was assuming that it should be possible to also 
define a service for TM/TC/AOS frames as long as they would know the total 
frame length and the number of the VC.)

Taking into account the above, I`m not sure if we should say something about 
CSTS in the GB. 
What do you think? Any thoughts are highly appreciated.

Best regards, 
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