[Sea-sec] IEEE/AIAA DASC 2017 - Abstract Deadline EXTENDED

Sheehe, Charles J. (GRC-LCA0) charles.j.sheehe at nasa.gov
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This conference is the first to recognize the merger of aero and space and the need for enhanced security.

“Civil aviation faces challenges of new requirements and legacy platforms that can be expensive to modernize. The emergence of private and commercial space launch capabilities brings new challenges in technical, regulatory, and security arenas.”

Also it is in a nice place and they are looking for security papers.


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The deadline to submit abstracts has been extended to April 8, 23:59 EDT. 	

Abstract Submission: April 8, 2017
Abstract Acceptance Notification & Invitation to Submit Draft Paper: May 1, 2017 Full Paper Submission Deadline (If Peer Review is Requested): June 1, 2017 Peer Review Feedback and Author Notification: July 15, 2017 Full Paper Submission Deadline (for Award Eligibility): July 21, 2017 Full Paper Submission Deadline (Not Award Eligible): August 7, 2017 Final Presentation, Copyright, and Conference Registration Deadline: August 7, 2017

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The conference theme for the 36th DASC is the design of technologies, procedures, and regulations to safely and efficiently accommodate a diverse spectrum of platform types into space and into modern civil airspace systems. Participants will be challenged to show how their work helps to develop, promote, or enable multiple classes of users (Commercial, Civil, General Aviation, Military, Recreational) access to space and global civil airspaces. Civil aviation faces challenges of new requirements and legacy platforms that can be expensive to modernize. The emergence of private and commercial space launch capabilities brings new challenges in technical, regulatory, and security arenas. An increased reliance upon automated systems puts fresh emphasis on the importance of Cyber security across the spectrum of user environments (ground, air, space). The continued growth of Unmanned Systems, especially among Recreational users, remain a significant factor in Air Traffic Management planning and risk mitigation. The progress of Commercial applications for automated transportation and delivery of goods and services (both ground and air) promises exciting capabilities but faces serious challenges in technologies, procedures, and government regulations. General Aviation users will soon include personal vehicles that do not require traditional airport infrastructures. Military aircraft (manned and unmanned) must soon obey the same requirements as Civil and Commercial platforms for domestic and international flight.

*	Avionics designs to enable appropriate engagement with automated systems
*	Decision-support tools to improve system state awareness and predict change
*	Integrated information management systems (space, airborne, and ground-based)
*	Systems that can monitor the hazard space with adequate time-to-avoid
*	Airport operations affordability, reliability, and sustainability
*	Environmental impact assessment and management (e.g., noise suppression)
*	Reliable communications, navigation, and surveillance technologies


DASC will continue to offer opportunities to publish and present on a wide range of topics of interest to the avionics technology community. View the full Call for Participation on the conference website.

DASC will offer two full days of Professional Education sessions spanning many engineering disciplines. These tutorials will be presented by educators and practicing professionals who are recognized experts in their field. Topics may include for example: Basic and Advanced Avionics Systems; System Engineering; Integrated Modular Avionics; Space Systems; Surveillance and Collision Avoidance; Program Management; Synthetic Vision; Communications and Networks; Navigation Systems; Software Development, Test, and Certification (DO-178); Environmental Qualification (DO-160); System Safety; and many more. All professional education sessions will offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through IEEE. For more information, contact our Professional Education Chair via the conference website.
The Technical and Professional Education Programs will incorporate hundreds of papers and dozens of tutorials from international researchers, innovators, engineers, users, and designers. There will be panel discussions and keynote presentations by engineering, management and operational leaders that are shaping international developments. Attendees can participate in active conversations with colleagues, researchers, and practitioners who are the experts and leaders in the field. We welcome you to join us and participate in the 36th DASC as we engage in the important issues of the aviation electronics (“avionics”) industry!

This year’s conference will feature exhibits and product demonstrations by representatives of key avionics-related industries and institutions. To have your organization represented in our exhibit hall, please contact our Sponsors and Exhibits Chair via the conference website.
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